About Access Lift


On July 1996, the Corporation was organized with five incorporators composed of a highly competent individual who combined their technical and administrative professional expertise in the field of “Sales, Installation and Maintenance of Passenger and Freight Elevators, Dumbwaiters, Home lift, Escalators and other related facilities.

For many years, our company along with its incomparable service is fully equipped to undertake any projects related to its business and manned by truly competent personnel, trained engineers and experienced technicians thus assuring its clientele satisfaction.

Access Lift & Electronics Corporation has gained the trust and confidence from an international manufacturing corporation that has given the exclusive distributorship from ZHEJIANG YIDA EXPRESS ELEVATOR CO., LTD., in China, otherwise known as FUJI – YIDA and also a distributor of all Black Bear brand hoists, U-Mega brand from CHENG DAY MACHINERY WORKS CO LTD.




Corporate Set Up

The Corporation is composed of the Stockholders/Incorporators who serve as the highest governing body.  The stockholders select from among the members of the Board of Directors headed by Board Chairman who serve as the policy making body of the Corporation.  The Board of Directors elect a President who will execute the corporate policies primarily formulated for the purpose related to its business operation.



The day to day operation of the company is headed by a General Manager that appoints his Engineers, Technicians, Supervisor, Sales, Accounting, Marketing and Administrative Personnel who will form part of his Management system.



The company utilizes a combination of Conventional and State-of-art equipment in the installation and rehabilitation of all types/brand/forms of elevators.  The company also adapts a highly modernized electro-mechanical design i.e. main elevator control, digitalized hall call operating panel and car operating panel etc. which if not competitive, at least comparable to the designs of the well-known elevator companies.


Corporate Achievements

In less than two (2) years, the company was able to serve more than thirty (30) reputable clients within and outside Metro Manila.  Most of them are big and stable Companies with vast branches nationwide.  In the course of its business deals with these companies, ACCESS LIFT AND ELECTRONICS CORP., formerly Advance Lift Corp., has never been sued or put on judicial intervention for non-compliance with the requirements and specification or non-conformity in terms and conditions agreed upon.  Moreover, the Company has also maintained its reputation in terms of efficiency and competence throughout the years of existence.

  • Registered firm with Securities and Exchange Commission. Sec. Reg. No. A200204150
  • Served for 20 years
  • A solid portfolio of clients
  • BIR Registered